Haiku 8/2/15

Dear summer job: I
Will not miss you much, but thank
You for the paychecks.


New year, new goals

In August of last year I set out to write a haiku every day for a month and…I did it! And then wrote a haiku almost every day for the rest of the year. But today┬áis a new day, a new year, and I will be attempting to return to my one true love of writing songs. My band is about to release a new EP (check us out here!) and we’re gonna need some new songs soon, so I need to get on that. And while writing haikus didn’t take up a ton of time it did, actually, take up a fair amount of mental energy. Mental energy that I plan to spend on writing songs for the near future, at least.

Thanks for all of the support, and I will attempt to post on here some more when the haiku or blog urge hits.

Haiku 12/31/14

Here’s to a new year.
Let’s be excellent to each
Other, and do good.

Haiku 12/30/14

My cat is so cute,
But less so when he keeps me
Awake the whole night.

Haiku 12/28/14

I would take baseball
Over football any day.
Is it summer yet?

Haiku 12/27/14

There are so many
Things to learn. Is there ever
World enough, and time?

Haiku 12/26/14

Did people argue
This much about stupid things
Before we texted?